Grow Your Business

Are you getting all you want out of your business? Or are you like the vast majority of SME business owners and stuck on the treadmill of your day-in-day-out business operations?

What areas could be improved that would let you take your business to the next level?

As experienced sales trainers & business coaches we can help you and your staff improve their skills & focus, in a practical and action orientated way that leads to greater results across the board for your bottom line.

Jason is a clear thinking and focused professional who I found has an inate ability to orientate his clients, not only in terms of identifying their objectives but, more importantly, on how to achieve those then

Paul Marren

Managing Partner, Martin E Marren Solicitors

Below are some of the areas we can work with you to gain massive improvements:


Sales Training

Management Development Training

Sales & Marketing Workshops

Using Linkedin to get more Sales

(Social Selling)

International Sales

(Sales in English speaking cultures)

Communications & Negotiations

Social Media Training

Digital Marketing Training

Customer Service Training

These are done in half or full day sessions in a practical workshop style.
The course provided me with a great overview of social media. I found it energising to know how easily I can use it effectively to promote my business – I’m in the zone!! I would recommend the course because it is practical and applicable.
Angela O'Donnell

Communications & Marketing Director , O'Donnell Property Consultants

 Business Coaching

Is Coaching / Mentoring for me?
Are you open to learning new tips, strategies or different ways of doing things? Are you open to sometimes getting reminders to do things that you know but are not doing? Are you willing to take action on agreed next steps to help you achieve your goals? Whether it’s sales coaching or business coaching, we can help.

If you have a business goal or personal goals and need helping getting focus or breaking things down into manageable steps, Jason’s approach and support will get you there.

Jason helped me to articulate my goals and give me the needed focus to achieve them. It is amazing how clear things become.

Rhonda Doyle

Global Director , eBay

What areas will you Coach / Mentor me in?

From our initial free coaching consultation, we will get an understanding if there’s a match for us to work together, what areas are needed to work on and where to prioritise. The areas we usually work on are:

Time Management




Team Performance

How long will you coach/mentor me for?

We have Coached and Mentored people for as little as 1 session up to over 5 plus years in a row. We suggest a minimum of 6 sessions to get initial results and ideally to commit to 1 year so you can form new habits and make a difference in achieving some of your main personal & business goals.

Better cash flow, better teamwork, more organised work patterns, less hours working in the field and more on Business development. Give it a try; We enjoyed drastic changes (for the better) after only 2 sessions. Helps you look at your business from a different angle, and teaches you that you can take more control and be less of a victim
Brian Forrester, MD

Forrester O’Shea Electrical

Free Business Coaching Session Explained

Many business owners want to grow their business but have not experienced working with a Business Coach or Consultant before and how it can help them. The Free initial business coaching session helps them understand how it works and how it can help them and their business.

During this confidential session, we discuss your business and where it is currently and where you would like to take your business. During this meeting your coach will:

  • Explain the ‘Business Profit Equation’ model for increasing the profit in your business;
  • Cover some of the hundreds of strategies for growing your business;
  • Look at what systems you need to develop, so you can delegate more tasks, leaving you time to work ON your business, not just IN the business.
  • Discuss your main priority for year ahead and brainstorm some ideas that will help.

Before we meet, we will send you a quick business health check questionnaire to help us understand your business and where you may need some help so we can have a productive meeting.

Everything we discuss is confidential and there is no obligation. The session will last 1 hour. At end of the initial meeting we will give you some ideas of how we can help you and provide some recommended options for way forward.

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