Coaching Information

Normally we follow a 3 step process:

Step 1:

Goal Alignment

Setting & Aligning Personal Goals & Business Goals

Step 2:

Creating a Plan

Business Plan, Sales Plan or Marketing Plan

Step 3:

Coaching Sessions

these are either weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions

Executive Coaching

Senior executives and managers come to us to help them in their job and achieve the next level in their career.

When we are Coaching Executives and Managers we use a lot of various tools including the SMART & GROW models.

Sales Coaching

Often we work with a sales manager or senior sales person who wants help to sell more and achieve their sales targets and commission bonuses but may have an area that needs help or just generally wants to lift their game to get to the next level.

Coaching on Skype

As Coaches we believe in helping to remove barriers or excuses so clients can achieve more no matter where they are located or in a different timezone. Coaching by Skype allows clients anywhere to choose a Coach that’s a good match for them to work together. Clients have worked with us over Skype from Australia, Taiwan, UK, Canada & Spain. Skype Coaching sessions can be a more effective use of time as save travel etc. For a free initial coaching session over Skype contact jasonmcchesney.


We often work with business owners to help them create and implement their strategy and plan. They have some ideas and would like more ideas and help to implement the ideas rather than just staying as ideas in their head. They like the accountability to help keep them on track and do what they should be doing to execute the plan & get the results they want.

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