Just a quick note thanking Jason for his work with us over the past few months as our ‘Outsourced Sales Manager’. This option gave us great flexibility without committing to a full time Manager. Jason worked really well with my team. Jason assisted in focusing the team which helped them exceed the targets set. Jason is a very positive person with a great work ethic, he is generous with his time and adapts well to a changing sales environment. I look forward to working with Jason in the future.
Colm McDaid, MD

Owner, Project Tile Design

Boost Your Sales

Do you find that you are working hard but not getting the results you want?

We hear this all the time and have engineered a BOOST process to help turn that around.

Our approach is to look at the current Sales activity and develop an Sales Strategy based on the most effective, quickest and most budget friendly way for your business to boost sales.

A Sales Strategy helps the overall approach, target better clients, be more professional, add structure, ask better questions and ensure sales activity is consistent & profitable.

With over 25 years international Sales experience in UK, Australia, Ireland & Finland with Corporates and small medium sized businesses we have experience to help give your Sales a Boost.

The way in which we can have the largest sales improvement impact for your business is as an Outsourced Sales Management offering. This is a great short/medium term offering that can help your sales team in all of the key areas they operate bringing greater focus and output from all, until such a time as you’ve hired a new Sales Manager or until your team are performing better.

Below are the services that we can bring to the table to help your business punch above it’s weight:

Sales Strategy

Sales Plans

Sales Training

Sales Coaching

Outsourced / Interim Sales Manager

Jason delivered on a tight brief. After a one day Sales training session I have a sales team who are more focused, energised and better equipped to deliver going forward.
Dermot Hughes

CEO, Blackthorn Print

Jason gave me a good wake up call about my business! On the technical side, he has a great understanding of how to make your website work for you. On the practical side he encouraged me to get out there and do things I should be doing, I started within an hour of finishing the session and am delighted with the results.
Barbara Moynihan

Managing Director, On Your Feet

Boost Your Marketing

Would you like to be found more online? How about more enquiries and leads for your Sales Team? Would it be valuable to your business to improve the professional image and increase the word of mouth and referrals you get from existing clients?

We can help boost your marketing so it gets results from almost any budget & time invested by creating a Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan to help you approach & target your ideal customers better.

Everyone is online these days so Social Media cannot be ignored. But with so many
Social media channels which one do you choose and focus on to attract your ideal clients?

If you would like to avail of Marketing Training to GROW your business, please read this page.

As part of an overall Marketing Strategy we can include a Social Media Strategy that helps focus on the best Social Media channels for your business and target market. This can include a Social Media Plan to help know when to post online and what to say.

Sometimes clients like to start with a Marketing Audit to help analyse their current marketing and find out what’s working, what’s not and what areas can be improved or added. We can also show you how to measure marketing so you will know when something is working.

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