1. Online

Everyone is online now, more than ever, due to Covid-19 restrictions and lack of face-to-face meetings, shopping, networking etc.

Even though I had done some business coaching sessions online pre-Covid19 a few years ago (via Skype or google hangouts) some of my clients were unwilling to try it when they knew they had a choice to still have the face-to-face coaching session in-person instead. The ones that had embraced the online coaching sessions were either more open to trying new methods or they were based in a different country (eg an Irish business owner in Korea) so online was the only choice.

Now, everyone knows about zoom online meetings and open to working or coaching online. This has positively enabled more coaching call opportunities, more convenience with no travel time as most are working from home and a wider audience with new potential clients getting in contact from all over the world.

  1. Environment

When things were “normal” (pre-Covid) and there were no restrictions of movement or where you worked, you could “go to work” to the office, choose a meeting room or even get a change of scene and find a quiet corner in a coffee shop etc. to change the environment and think differently from the normal work environment. Now it’s important to create a working space at home that is different from the living at home environment that helps you concentrate when working at home during the day.

This might include putting on headphones whether listening to someone in an online meeting or not. Listening to a podcast and reading are other ways to “Fuel” the mind and help create the right environment for you.

  1. Boundaries

Now with living AND working from home it’s important to have a defined place where you work at home so feel that when you are there you work and when you leave that space you switch off from work. Ideally a different room is best for working at home. Easier said than done sometimes if you don’t have a “spare” room, garage, etc. or if the kids are also at home during the day!

  1. Beliefs

Yes covid-19 has brought some of the toughest times for people and businesses, especially in certain sectors that are affected most by the restrictions.

Yet, some businesses are thriving due to the change and opportunities.

Just because there are restrictions due to Covid-19 and you’re not going to the usual workplace doesn’t always mean there is no work options or opportunites happening at the moment or will be coming soon after lockdown. A lot of business is continuing from home offices, online and people are using the time to “pivot” with new ideas and ways of working or providing a new service, enhancing their online presence and making a plan for when things ease again after lockdown.

  1. Exercise

With living AND working from home, it is more important than ever to get outside for some fresh air and movement. I find exercising in the evening and listening to a podcast is a great “change of scene” and a way to think differently and keep sane during this crazy time.

  1. Time to think

With less hustle / busy life plus the restrictions, people have more time to think about what they are doing, their life & their work. Some are relocating due to working remotely possibilities, others are changing their work or starting something new, and most are getting time to think about their life and goals.

It’s a great time to have a business coach to bounce ideas off, ask some questions about what’s important to you, discuss options, get some ideas, clarity & make a plan about what you can do now and then when restrictions ease again.

You don’t have to be good to start … you just have to start to be good!”

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