10 Ways to Stretch your Comfort Zone

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” – Leo Tolstoy

In order for things to change we need to change something, starting with ourselves and our comfort zone. No one likes change, it’s uncomfortable, however, with small steps it’s surprising the difference and growth that can be made.

Below are 10 suggestions to start the process of change and stretching your comfort zone:

1. Get up 1 or 2 hours earlier
We all do it when we have to eg catching an early flight for holiday. We see things differently and get a headstart on the day. Aim to do this at least once a week.
Many business owners find going to a Networking breakfast meeting is a great way to have a productive day / week.
I use to organise a “sunrise club” on Saturday mornings at 8am (and sometimes during week at 6.30am) where we would meet for a 5 – 8K run then swim in the sea. Was a good way to keep us out of the pub on Friday evcnings and everyone felt amazing afterwards and had productive Saturdays.

2. Wear something different
What else is your wardrobe? Perhaps add a scarf or a pocket square in jacket pocket

3. Go to work by different mode of transport
eg if normally drive then instead go by public transport or cycle.
Marathon runners & Triathletes cycle or run to work to get in extra training as part of their day.

4. Get your morning coffee in a different place to usual
Even if it’s the opposite side of street. Maybe try something different eg a Caramel Latte or Macchiato are my treats. What is a frappucino anyway??

5. Don’t open Email until Write your Plan / To-do List for the Day.
This makes us think about the important things and to be proactive rather than letting email control of your day. Start with what one thing is a priority that must do today.

6. Take stairs instead of the lift
Another way get exercise into your day. Another one is to park further away so have to walk more to reception.

7. Speak to someone that haven’t spoken to before
Time to make that call! Ring that prospect. Can “warm up” by ringing a preferred client, then a client haven’t spoken to in a while and then a prospect. Good way to build momentum in making prospecting calls and get your sales day going.

8. Sit somewhere else to eat lunch
eg with a different colleague, direct report or Manager. If bring a packed lunch perhaps go outside to a local park to eat it. Offer a prospect to buy them lunch (everyone has to eat sometime). Try a salad with some protein instead of a sandwich.

9. Go home a different way
Take a different route and try get some exercise before “sit down” for evening either before get home or just after your evening meal eg go home via gym or meet someone for a walk / jog / swim.

10. Read a book instead of watching TV.
TV is like email, on a screen and consumes us and our precious time. A client of mine gave up watching TV for a year and wrote a book instead!
What one thing could you achieve if give up watching TV even if just 1 or 2 evenings a week?? Learn a new language, couch to 5K run etc, develop a new hobby or relationship…

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