FINALLY, 8 years later, as a Business Coach, i have a reasonable website live!

This may not sound like much to some people but to me it was the 1 main thing I was putting off in my business.

Not just a holding page but a full website ( Sure it’s not perfect but nothing is. That was half the problem, my belief was that if I was to have a website it would need to be perfect to demonstrate how good I was and everything I could do. Plus, I was too busy helping customers work on their goals, their marketing and their sales, all good Business Coaching stuff but not on my own business. Cobblers shoes and all that. I was hiding behind my own excuses and not being “above the line” setting a GOAL, not just a wish, but a goal with specific deadline that I would commit to.

I didn’t have a proper Sales & Marketing Plan that I followed and executed, just a prospecting “to do” list, networking, social media, busy meeting people and sure that helped me get sales but I was working IN the business and not ON the business. Another thing that I help my clients with.

I wasn’t positioning myself at the professional level Business Coach and experience I could offer. I relied on social media, too much, still do if honest so that’s the next task! If I walked the talk and followed what I preach then the website would’ve been done over 7 years ago.

I let it become a fear, a mountain that didn’t know where to start or felt too big to start. I was relying on that I had strategically chosen a quality domain name and had a digital footprint so was being found online anyhow. However, am sure I did not convert as many visitors as could have if had a reasonable website. Nor get the traffic I would’ve received if had more content online. Not a perfect website, not a holding page but a reasonable website to get more enquiries and hence more sales.

It took opening an office in Finland to do something about it. On reflection, working with another coach, I realised I had to step outside my own comfort zone and had to create my identity in the new country to help move forward and establish myself there as well as my presence in Dublin as a well known Business Coach.

I share this confession for 2 reasons. Firstly, that being open I hope that this shows how I am only human & approachable and secondly understand the areas where clients can fall into from my own personal experience so can empathise and help them from my own experience and learnings:

  • Set a SMART Goal (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant & time based)
  • Commit to it
  • Create a definite Sales & Marketing Action Plan (tasks & deadlines)
  • Follow the Plan until done
  • Get a coach if need help to do any of this or be held accountable to get it done quicker, step by step
  • Review & improve

This is the core process I have been helping hundreds of business owners over last 8 years as their Business Coach.

I can now hold my head up high again, online and in the mirror! Can now resurrect my motto “Face your fears and live your dreams”. Am excited to be back in the zone!

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